About Elite All-Stars

Elite All-Stars Cheerleading is for athletes wanting the experience of cheering at any level.

Elite allows every cheerleader aged 4 and up to participate at their particular ability and commitment level. The purpose of our program is to provide a safe, challenging, and most of all, fun cheerleading experience for motivated athletes.

Elite All-Stars reopened under new ownership and coaching staff in 2015.

What is All-Star Cheerleading?

The sport of All-Star Cheerleading has grown immensely in Australia over the past 10-15 years. 

Typically an American sport, cheerleading has grown to All-Star status and is now a viable activity in itself. As it becomes more popular, All-Star cheerleading is now focused more on teamwork and athleticism and has been recognised as an Olympic sport by the IOC.

Teams and athletes in All-Star now focus on gymnastics, acrobatics, athletic dance and many elements unique to All-Star in a fun and safe environment.  We train our athletes to reach their fullest potential, but more so, teach them how to work together as a team for a common goal.

Throughout the season, team members will be challenged to set goals and work hard to try to achieve them.  There will be many opportunities to perform and grow stronger both physically and mentally. Elite All-Stars has a reputation in the spirit industry both state-wide and nationally for being one of Melbourne’s finest.  This is a result of many years of experience combined with the dedicated staff and membership of athletes and families.

Aims and Goals

Elite’s goal is to not only train its athletes to be Champions on the floor, but to carry themselves as Champions off the floor. Elite All-Stars Athletes are trained to reach their fullest potential, but more so, they are taught how to work together as a team for a common goal.

The Elite All-Stars staff has proven that we can provide a competitive edge without compromising the integrity that true athletes need to possess to be successful not only in athletics, but in life. At Elite All-Stars, cheerleaders will be taught solid technique and strong fundamentals in all areas of competitive cheerleading, yet the most important lessons they will learn are the priceless life skills that encourage:

Commitment, sportsmanship, respect for self and others.

These lessons are taught in a supportive, safe and positive atmosphere. It is the hope of Elite All-Stars that every member develops lasting friendships, self-confidence, a strong sense of gym pride and great memories that they will carry forever.