Program Overview

Elite All-Stars offers professional cheerleading instruction for all ages. Our program incorporates all elements of cheerleading including motions, jumps, stunts, tumbling, dance, cheer, strength and conditioning.

Elite All-Stars has three types of students:

Competition – Those who are 100% dedicated to becoming the best cheerleader they can be and therefore study all elements of cheer, incorporating USASF levels, and are members of our All-Star Competitive program.

Recreational – Those who are a hobbyist, participating in recreational cheer classes and are not striving for selection into the competitive program. They enjoy the energy, fun and creativity of cheer but are not looking to commit to the team elements of competitive cheer.

Dance students who wish to learn in a safe and inclusive environment where a variety of dance styles are offered. They may wish to compete or dance recreationally.

All our athletes are trained to reach their full potential, but more so, they are taught how to work together as a team for a common goal and have fun.

Elite All-Stars Competition Teams & Squads

All-Star cheerleading is a great way for young children to learn new skills while building teamwork, goal-setting, sportsmanship, social skills and developing life long friendships.

Competition Cheer

Our competitive cheer teams train a minimum of once – twice a week and obligated to compete at various competitions throughout the year. A competitive cheer routine is made up of baskets, pyramids, stunts, tumbling, dance, jumps and motions and goes for a maximum of 2 mins and 30 seconds. It is an extremely dynamic routine that the students train towards each year. You do not have to have any experience to join one of our comp teams, as you will be placed accordingly with others of your experience.

Competition Pom

Our competitive pom teams train a minimum of one hour week and are required to learn certain dance skills – all of which are taught in class. You do not need to have any dance experience to join one of our comp pom teams. Pom is also a 2 min and 30 second routine but is strictly all dance and “dance lifts”. 2 small poms poms per person are used to create different effects within the dance group.

Age Divisions

With the tremendous growth of all-star cheerleading over the last 2 decades, there arose a need for the industry to adopt standard divisions and levels. Prior to this, different competitions have had different regulations for how teams were to be divided and different rules for stunting and tumbling. Coaches would have to change the routines from week to week just to meet the various requirements of the competition they were going to that weekend.

The United States All-Star Federation (USASF) was created to help standardize the industry. These standards have been adopted by the vast majority of competitions that we will attend this season.

Teams are typically broken down in 4 different ways: age, level, total number of athletes, and all girl/co-ed.

All the All-star divisions are now determined purely by age. What grade you are in (or even if you are still in school) has absolutely no bearing on eligibility. To avoid an athlete’s eligibility changing during the year, there is a cutoff date. How old you are on 31st of December 2019 will determine your “competition age” for that entire season. In other words, if you are 14 on the 31st of December, you compete as a “14 year old” for that entire season.

  Open –  14+ years

  Senior –  10-18 years

  Junior 14 years and under

  Youth – 11 years and under

  Mini – 8 years and under

  Tiny – 6 years and under

Team Selection

Selection for our teams are designed, as best we can, to give each team a roughly equal chance for success within their division.

Much like other sports, a variety of skills, and abilities are necessary to give teams the best opportunity to place highly at competitions. We try to match up the athletes as best as we can, but please remember that maturity, stunting, pyramids, jumps, dance, motions, and age are huge factors as well. It is simply not feasible (or desirable) for every team to have 36 exactly matched identical athletes.

Some will be stronger tumblers than others. Some will help us out with stunts more than others. Every athlete is on a team for a reason – please trust the staff. This season we are working harder than ever to push every athlete to improve their skills, even if it means working on skills that are above what is allowed in routines at their team’s current level.

The most common confusion or misconception from parents and athletes relates to tumbling ability.  There are many factors that go into determining the best spot for an athlete, not just how well they can tumble.


Elite All-Stars offers classes in general cheer, dance, pom and tumbling classes for children aged 3+ through to adults – beginners through to advanced. We offer recreational classes just for fun and fitness and competition classes, which train for regular competitions and special events.

Recreational Cheer

A weekly class for people who do not wish to compete or for new students who join half way through the year. A fun and relaxed class teaching all the basic elements of cheer.  For people wanting to have a little fun, gain fitness and build confidence.  All cheerleaders work on a cheer and pom routine for the end of year performance.

Competitive Cheer

Attendance and commitment is extremely important to develop a strong competitive squad. Options to train in 2 squads over two age groups. Competing up to 6 times over the competition season June to November. All squads perform at the end of year performance.

Pom Dance

Routine using poms to create visual effects, skills including jumps, turns, tumbling elements etc.


Tumbling skills from basic handstands and forward rolls through to back handsprings, cartwheels, etc. These are a stretch and balance class using various balancing equipment.

Group Stunt

For General Cheer or Competition Squads Partner Stunts, small groups of 4 – 5 cheerleaders working on skills and 1-minute stunt routines.

Private Classes – by Request

Our privates are generally a one-on-one hour class with one of our specialised coaches, although some people do choose to have up to 3 people in their privates. Privates are appropriate for stunting, tumbling and dance.